asian mission congress 2006


Asian Mission Congress Workshops



The workshops attempt to interiorize the theme of the day and enable the delegates to reflectively share the joy and enthusiasm of their faith.

In particular, the daily workshop attempts to respond to the objectives of the congress:

  1. Thursday, October 19 (Story of Jesus in the Peoples of Asia)

  2. Purpose: To broaden our appreciation of the person and mission of Jesus of Nazareth through witness and narrative

    Since this is the first workshop during the congress, the delegates are expected to introduce themselves and to initially share their stories of faith." Considering the time allotment of one hour and thirty minutes for the sharing, no feedbacking or reporting is expected of the groups.

  3. Friday, October 20 (Story of Jesus in the Religions of Asia)

  4. Purposes:

    a. To appreciate how the story of Jesus interweaves with the stories of other religious traditions

    b. To move forward in mission interreligiously

  5. Saturday, October 21 (Story of Jesus in the Cultures of Asia)

  6. Purposes:

    a. To share experiences of Jesus Christ as our reconciliation in areas of communal conflict

    b. To share experiences of the dialogue of life and action within/among inter-faith families, among neighbors, in the workplace and especially with the poor.


  1. There shall be only one workshop question everyday.

  2. The workshop question shall be based on the theme of the day.

  3. Workshop questions:

  4. a. For the first day, Thursday, October 19 (4:00 o'clock in the afternoon)

    My personal faith story: How have I encountered Christ in my life? (What significant event in my life that awakened my faith life? What were/are the challenges in my faith life?)

    b. For the second day, Friday, October 20 ( 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon)

    What do I appreciate in the followers of other religion/s in my country?

    c. For the third day, Saturday, October 21 (2:00 o'clock in the afternoon)

    What practices or traditions in my culture best express the Gospel of Jesus?

  5. These questions shall be sent to the country coordinators prior to the Congress. The coordinators shall disseminate these questions to the attending delegates. The purpose of this is for them to reflect on the workshop questionnaires.

  6. For purposes of comprehensive dissemination, the AMC Committee on information and the FABC office on social communication shall include in the webpage the workshop questions. All possible means shall be tapped to maximize the distribution of these questions.


  1. There will be 20 workshop head facilitators.

  2. Each workshop group will have four (4) assistant facilitators. It is preferred that one of the assistant facilitators can understand and communicate in the Thai language.

  3. The President of the International Association of Catholic Missiologists is the overall in-charge of the entire workshops.

  4. The workshop assistant facilitators are chosen by the PMS national director or AMC country coordinator. The names of the assistant facilitators are submitted to the AMC Program chair who will forward them to the workshop over-all in charge.

  5. For proper orientation and instruction, the 20 head facilitators shall have a breakfast meeting on Thursday, October 19.

  6. Each head facilitator shall be responsible in contacting, coordinating and meeting with the four (4) assistant workshop facilitators. For proper orientation and instruction, the workshop head and assistant facilitators of each workshop will have a lunch meeting on Thursday, October 19.

  7. Distinctive ID must be worn by the workshop facilitators.


  1. The workshop group will be identified according to the name of an Asian saint. Workshop rooms shall be assigned prior to the Congress.

  2. Each group is composed of 50 members with five (5) subgroups of ten (10) members.

  3. The subgroup will be identified from A - E (eg. St. Andrew Kim - A)

  4. The workshop room assignments will be posted in the strategic places of the hotel and inside the congress Hall.

  5. The hotel room - workshop locator map shall be posted in the strategic places of the hotel and shall be included in the congress brochure.

  6. The workshop room assignment of the delegate shall be included in the registration coded list.

  7. The workshop room and group assignment of the delegate shall be written in the Congress ID. It is suggested that congress Identification (ID) be color coded.


  1. The reporting and feedback format paper shall be provided by the workshop committee.

  2. For Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21 workshops, three (3) persons shall be pre selected to give a report or feedback based on the proceedings of their workshop group.

  3. It is preferred that "reporters or feed backers" be composed of a lay (man/ woman), youth (male and female), priest, religious sister. It should also consider the distribution of reporters coming from South East Asia (Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia and East Timor); East Asia (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong and Macau); South Asia (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Mongolia); Central Asia (Kazakhistan, Uzbekistan)


  1. At the designated time, all the delegates shall go to their assigned workshop rooms.

  2. The head facilitator after introducing himself/herself and his/her assistant facilitators, shall "accommodate" or randomly count the delegates present for grouping purposes. Each subgroup shall have at most ten (10) members.

  3. The Assistant facilitators act as moderators and observers during the sharing. The head facilitator reads the workshop question. It is also suggested that the workshop questions could also be included in the Congress kit/brochure.

  4. Fifteen minutes before the end of the workshop, the head facilitator alerts the delegates on the time.

  5. The facilitator follows the guidelines set for facilitating a group; see attached guidelines.