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Program for Climate Change South East Asia Meeting Now Available


The FABC Program for South East Asian Regional Meeting on Climate Change is now available. This regional meeting is organized by the Climate Change Desk (CCD) and the Office of Human Development (OHD) of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences in cooperation with Misereor and will be held at Pope Pious XII Pastoral Center, Manila, Philippines from July 2-3, 2015. This gathering invites the participants from Indonesian and the Philippines Episcopal commission for Justice and Peace/Development and those who are involved in the mitigation and adaptation of climate change measures. The highlights of this gathering includes the discussion of Pope Francis Encyclical on Climate Change. 090615


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South East Asia Regional Seminar on Climate Change


The Climate Change Desk of FABC will organize a regional seminar on Climate Change in South East Asia for the countries of Indonesia and Philippines. This gathering will be held in Pope Pius XII Pastoral Center in Manila, Philippines from July 2-3, 2015. This regional seminar aims to promote a collective Asian Church's response on climate change and to establish a Climate Change Desk in every Episcopal Conference in Asia. 140415

FABC- Signatory to Continental Bishop's Statement on Climate Change

The FABC is one of the signatories to the Continental Bishops' statement on Climate Change presented to the 20th Conference of Parties (COP20) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The continental gathering of Bishops was organized by the Peruvian Bishops' Conference in Lima on December 5, 2014 to join the effort of world leaders (COP 20) gathered for the signing of a legally binding climate agreement in Paris in 2015. FABC was represented by Bishop Theotonius Gomes, auxiliary bishop of Dhaka (Emeritus), Bangladesh. Bishop Gomes also delivered the Message of the Interfaith Summit on Climate Change to the assembly. 080215


First FABC Climate Change Regional Seminar



The FABC Climate Change Desk will organize their first regional seminar for South Asia on March 3-4, 2015. This seminar will be held in Mumbai, India and will discuss the contextualization of the second FABC Climate Change seminar for South Asia. This seminar is open for presidents and bishops chairpersons of the episcopal commission for Justice and Peace/Development of the different bishops conferences in South Asia. Other persons involved in the mitigation and adaptation of climate change measures in South Asia are also invited.140115

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Climate Change in Asia: Towards a New Creation



Some 55 participants from 16 Episcopal Conferences and 2 Associate Members in Asia met in Bangkok on 19-20th October 2011 to discuss Church Response to the challenge of climate change in Asia.

International experts assisted on the urgency of this issue in the context of the Church’s commitment to protect the integrity of God’s Creation in Asia and leave a meaningful legacy for future generations. One significant decision was to create a Desk in the Central Secretariat of FABC with a competent person to follow up on this urgent issue. The seminar was financially supported by the German Catholic Bishops’ Organization for Development Cooperation (MISEREOR). 261011

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Global Warming and Climate Change and its Impact on Asia

Challenges and the response of the Church


Jointly organized by FABC Central Secretariat and Misereor, Germany

Venue: Bangkok, 19 and 20 October 2011


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