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The FABC-OC was created in 2004 with the objective of helping Bishops, Formators and Priests through Seminars, Consultations and Conferences on various aspects of the Church’s life, specifically issues relating to Presbyterium and Seminaries. This would include not only helping priests either directly, or through Bishops and their teams, in their respective Dioceses. This office has recently (May 2006) organized a Consultation for the Major Seminary Rectors of Asia, namely: “Human Formation of Priests—Challenges in the Asian Context.” Presently the Office is busy preparing a Seminar for Bishops of Asia, namely: “Caring for Priests—Especially for those with difficulties” to be held in August, 2007. In this latter seminar, it is likely that Bishops may plan for an “Institute” (not a building) to cater to the needs of “Priests-in-Difficulty.” The Office is also planning several “Renewal Programs” for priests in different regions (South Asia, South-East Asia and Far-East Asia).




FABC-OE Seminar on Integral Human Formation of Priests

The FABC Office of Clergy will organize a seminar for bishops and formators of Asia on the theme "Formation of Positive, Integral, Effective and Humanly Well-Developed Priests for the Continent of Asia." The seminar will be held from May 6 to 11, 2013 at the Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand.

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FABC-OE Seminar for Bishops, Formators and Priests

The FABC Office of Clergy will organize a seminar for Bishops, Formators, and Priests of Asia on "the Contemporary Challenges of Living Priestly Celibacy in the Context of Present Day Crisis in the Church in Asia." The seminar will be held from May 14-19, 2012 at the Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand.

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Seminar on the Impact of Pedophilia-Crisis for the Church in Asia

The FABC-Office of Clergy will organize a seminar for Bishops and formators of Asia on the theme: “The Impact of Pedophilia-Crisis on the Church in Asia” from November 14 to 19, 2011 at Assumption University in  Bangkok, Thailand. For more information, contact Fr. Lawrence Pinto, msij at Fax: (+91 824) 2483895 Email: and



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Priests' Seminars for 2008




The FABC-Office of Clergy is organizing two seminars this year for Bishops and priests.  "Caring for Priests - A Need of the Hour" will be held Sept 8-14, 2008 at Assumption University, Bangkok.  The aims are to help Bishops "reflect on the identity of the priest in the Asian context, to identify obstaces which priests face in their life and ministry, and help care for priests with difficulties."  The second seminar themed "The Catholic Priesthood - A Challenge of the Modern World" will be held Nov 17-23, 2008 at Assumption University, Bangkok.  The aims are to help priests "rediscover their identity in the Asian context, lead them to a deeper awareness of God in their ministry, (and) recapture the joy of priesthood (amid) the challenges of the modern world."  For more information, contact Fr. Lawrence Pinto, msij at Fax: (+91 824) 2483895 Email: and





Human Formation of Priests — Challenges in the Asian Context

Seventy three rectors / formators from different major seminaries in 14 countries and regions of Asia — Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam — gathered together from May 14 to 19, 2006 at the Salesian Retreat House, Hua Hin, Thailand, for a consultation on the theme “HUMAN FORMATION OF PRIESTS — CHALLENGES IN THE ASIAN CONTEXT”. This consultation is the very first programme conducted by the Office of Clergy of the Federation of the Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC-OC). The meeting enjoyed the effective support of the FABC Secretariat in Hong Kong, and the fraternal and meaningful collaboration of the Office of Consecrated Life, Office of Social Communication, and Office of Education and Student Chaplaincy.


Final Statement




Final Statement of Clergy Meeting

The final statement from the seminar on "Caring for Priests, Especially Those With Difficulties" August 27-31, 2007 in Pattaya, Thailand has been released. The text describes the situation of priests in Asia, presents the convictions of the participating Bishops and gives recommendations beside others. These proposals underline the importance of seminaries, the need for deeper spiritual life, they recommend courses for ongoing formation of clergy in spirituality, as well as pastoral orientation programs and the strengthening of relationships and support with each other.


Final Statement




Executive Board

Bishop Vianney Fernando

Kandy, Sri Lanka



Bishop Mylo H.C. Vergara

Pasig, Philippines

Archbishop F.X. Kriengsak Kovithavanij

Bangkok, Thailand

Archbishop Evarist Pinto

Karachi, Pakistan

Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangatt

Palai, India


Fr. Philip Lazatin, sdb

Executive Secretary

St. John Mary Vianney Galilee Development & Retreat Center for Priests

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