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Office of Human Development (OHD)









    Our Approach in the 21st Century for A Renewed Church


    1. We continue the vision of the FABC - Office for Human Development (OHD) that stems from the total vision of the FABC i.e. towards a Church of the Poor, as a servant of the Kingdom, with a mission of integral evangelization. OHD is particularly concerned with the spread of the Gospel, that will bring a radical transformation to the self, the community and the whole Asian society. We hope to make the working of the Gospel real and concrete in our lives by bringing to all in the Church the social teachings of the Universal Church and the Bishops of Asia. It is this vital link between the Gospel of Jesus and the Social Teachings of the Church that will be the light for our steps in the new millennium.
    2. We believe that this requires an on-going process, al system of communication, consultation and collaboration with corresponding national offices of Asian Episcopal Conferences, the Religious Congregations and lay movements and organizations involved in the promotion of an integral human development and advocacy for justice and peace.
    3. Integral faith formation of all in the Church as to be able to make the link between faith and life, word and witness. This integration will bring about a new sense of unity and solidarity to achieve greater collaboration and cooperation at all levels in the Church.
    4. Sensitivity to the "cries of the people of Asia" especially those who need the Good News of the Gospel in order to be the "sign and instrument of God's salvation among our people and nation.


    Strategies and Approaches

    We hope to keep in mind the following dimensions in our strategies and programmes:

    1. The witness of life
    2. Formation
    3. Social Communications
    4. Laity especially professionals
    5. Advocacy
    6. Education
    7. Basic Ecclesial Communities
    8. Collaborative Ministries



Executive Board

Bishop Yvon Ambroise

Tuticorin, India



Bishop Isao Kikuchi
Niigata, Japan

Bishop Joseph Pibul Visitnondachai

Nakhon Sawan, Thailand

Archbishop Joseph Coutts

Karachi, Pakistan

Bishop Allwyn D'Silva

Executive Secretary

St. Pius College

Aarey Road,

Goregaon (E)

Mumbai 400 063

Tel: +91-22-292709531

Tel: +91-22-292705523