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Women Desk

The Women's Desk was formed following the 6th Plenary Assembly in Manila in 1995. The issue of women was first raised in the 4th plenary assembly in Tokyo in 1986. In November 1993 a Consultation on Women was held at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on the theme "Realities and Experiences of Women in Asia". The consultation recommended an Asian level conference, as well as inviting women for the 6th FABC Plenary Assembly and a sub-topic on women be included in the Assembly discussions. In the 1995 statement of the 6th FABC Plenary Assembly the Bishops declared: "An urgent pastoral imperative is for women to exercise their right to co-responsibility and mutuality with men in society and in the Church." In response to the 1993 consultation and the statement of the 6th Plenary Assembly of FABC, and subsequent Plenary Assemblies a series of Asian Level and Regional meetings were held.



Asian Level Meetings (BILAs- Bishops' Institutes on Lay Apostolate)


BILA V on Women

“Making a Difference to the Reality of Women” 
Camillian Pastoral Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

9-13 July 2012


BILA IV, organized In collaboration with the FABC Office of Theological Concerns
"The Bishop: Harbinger of Hope - Bishops, Women, Gospel and Communio” (Pastores Gregis)
Redemptorist Center, Pattaya, Thailand
12 – 16 May 2008,


BILA III "Women's God Experiences Rooted in Life" (to develop women's spirituality/theology)
Hua Hin, Thailand

October 2001


BILA II on Women

"Discipleship of Women - A Service to Life."
Redemptorist Centre, Pattaya, Thailand
October, 1998


BILA I on Women

"Role of Women in Church and Society, Toward 2000"
Redemptorist Centre, Pattaya, Thailand
November 1995



Regional Meetings


Regional meetings focus on issues particular to women in the region.  The meetings are planned together with the local hosts and resource persons are from the region.


South Asia

Third South Asian Meeting on Women 
“Women Living the Eucharist in South Asia”
CBCB House, Dhaka, Bangladesh
20th to 24th January, 2010


Second South Asian Meeting on Women

“Responding To The Challenges To Women In Family & Society  In The 21st Century”

Sadbhav House, Masigarh, Sukdev Vihar, New Delhi

16th to 21st April 2007


First South Asia Meeting on Women
“Role of Women in Church and Society”
Ragama Retreat House, Sri Lanka
9th – 14th September 2002,

East Asia


Second East Asia Meeting on Women
“Mary Truly A Woman of Our Times”
St. Theresa’s Activity Centre, Hsinchu Diocese, Taiwan.
4th – 7th May, 2010


First East Asia Meeting on Women

“Discipleship of Women – Challenges of the 21st Century”
Bishop Lei International House, Hong Kong
15th – 19th August, 2005.

South East Asia


Second East Asia Meeting on Women

“Challenges to Women in the Family in the 21st Century”
Majodi Centre, Johor, Malaysia
27 - 31 January, 2008


First East Asia Meeting on Women

“Responding to the Challenges of Christian Women in Asia”
Antipolo, Philippines
27 January – 1st February 2003







Executive Board


His Eminence Cardinal Patrick D'Rosario, csc

Dhaka, Bangladesh



Bishop Joel Z. Baylon

Legaspi, Philippines

Bishop Mar Mathew Arackal

Kanjirapali, India

Bishop Basil Kyu-man Cho

Bishop of Wonju, South Korea

Archbishop John Wong Soo Kau

Archbishop of Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia




OLF & Women's Desk

Ms. Wendy Louis

Executive Secretary

CAEC, 2 Highland Rd


Singapore 549102




Youth Desk

Fr Gustavo Benitez PIME

Executive Secretary



AsIPA (BEC) Desk

Ms. Bibiana Joo-hyun Ro

Executive Secretary

643-1 Junggok 1-dong

Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

South Korea, 143 912

Tel: (82-2) 460 7547

Fax: (82-2) 460 7545







  1. BILA I 1995- "Role of Women in Church & Society, Toward 2000"
  2. BILA II 1998- "Discipleship of Women- A Service to Life"
  3. BILA III 2001- "Women's God Experiences Rooted in Life" (women's spirituality/theology)
  4. BILA IV 2008 - "The Bishop: Harbinger of Hope - Bishops, Women, Gospel and Communio”  (Pastores Gregis)
  5. BILA V 2012 - "Making a difference in realities of Women in Asia"

South Asian Regional Meetings on Women

East Asia Regional Meetings on Women

South East Asia Regional Meetings on Women