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Rosales, Gaudencio and Arevalo, C.G. (Eds.). For All the Peoples of Asia, FABC Documents from 1970-1991, volume 1. Manila: Claretian Publications, 1997. pp. 356. ISBN 971-501-699-5. This timely volume presents the FABC documents, spanning two decades since FABC was inaugurated by Pope Paul VI in 1970 in Manila, and concludes with the plenary assembly in Bandung, Indonesia (1990). These documents are an essential source and wellspring for comprehending the dynamic development of mission, theology, church, dialogue and evangelization in Asia’s local churches. - James Kroeger, MM


Eilers, Franz-Josef (Ed.). For All the Peoples of Asia, FABC Documents from 1992-1996, volume 2. Manila: Claretian Publications, 1997. pp. 319. ISBN 971-501-734-7. For All the Peoples of Asia volume 2 gathers the more important texts issued by assemblies, conferences and consultations of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC) in the years 1992-1996. A remarkable theological vision emerges from these documents; "an ecclesiology of the Asian churches" which challenges theologians as well as leaders of Christian communities. (T)hese texts bring together the diverse lines in the thought and life of the Church in that part of the world which in previous centuries was called "the Far East." - James Kroeger, MM


Eilers, Franz-Josef (Ed.). For All the Peoples of Asia, FABC Documents from 1997 to 2001, volume 3. Manila: Claretian Publications, 2002. pp. 442. ISBN 971-501-930-7. For All the Peoples of Asia volume 3 is a comprehensive sourcebook for the documents of FABC in the years 1997-2001. As one searches the FABC documents and imbibes their creative and inspiring spirit, one discovers the great depth, hope and courage they represent. No genuine appreciation of the dynamic life of the Asian local churches is possible without an exploration of the remarkable theological and pastoral vision contained in these documents. - James Kroeger, MM


Eilers, Franz-Josef (Ed.). For All the Peoples of Asia, FABC Documents from 2002 to 2006, volume 4. Manila: Claretian Publications, 2007. pp. 311. ISBN 971-0307-93-7. For All the Peoples of Asia Volume IV contains the concerns of the Asian Church as spelled out by the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences (FABC) from 2001 to 2006. Here are reflections on virtually every key issue faced by individual dioceses within an all-embracing vision of dialogue with Asia's cultures, religions and the poor.
Families form the root of society. The 2004 FABC Plenary published a pioneering pastoral statement on the Asian family while the Office of Theological Concerns has issued a testimony on inter-faith families. Families gather in networks. The FABC has pondered widely and deeply on Small Christian Communities as well as on challenges to women and youth.

Here you will find the FABC's ongoing thinking on creating a culture of peace in the midst of violence, considerations on questions of migration, on the impact of rapidly changing global communications. Here is profound thought on Asian faces of Christ and on authentic Christian witness. Two new Offices have been mulling over concerns regarding consecrated life and clergy formation. There is no need for any church to struggle on its own "like a frog under a coconut shell". Whatever the local issue, these Asia-wide reflections will add depth and breadth to both diocesan pastoral programmes and theological education. We are fast becoming a Church-in-mission that is truly Asian. - John Prior, svd


Vimal, Tirimanna (Ed.). For All the Peoples of Asia, FABC Documents from 2007 to 2012, volume 5. Manila: Claretian Publications, 2014. pp. 358. ISBN 978-971-9952-72-5. For All the Peoples of Asia Volume V, which documents the final statements of two FABC General Assemblies and nine of its offices is a veritable testimony to the continuing vibrancy of the Asian Churches. One will find in this compedium the blending og faith and prophetic verve with Asian finesse. The wide range of issues and questions they dwell on, the innovative pastoral methods they propose and the theological vision and insights they provide make this volume highly significant beyond the borders of Asia for the global Church. It is a delightful treasure trove for researchers and pastoral agents. - Felix Wilfred


Quatra, Miguel Marcelo. At the Side of the Multitudes, The Kingdom of God and the Mission of the Church in the FABC Documents (1970-1995). Manila: Claretian Publications, 2000. pp. 234. ISBN 971-501-848-3.


The FABC produced substantial documents “for all the peoples of Asia.” In the growing need for synthesizing and channeling these reflections, Fr. Quatra’s study based on the FABC documents from 1970 to 1995 is a welcome contribution. – Franz-Josef Eilers, SVD



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