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csca 2nd ed

Eilers, Franz-Josef, and Anh Vu Ta. Social Communication in Theological Perspective: Communication Theology, CS Prints 1. Manila: Logos Publications, 2015. pp. 117. ISBN 978-971-510-260-5. The book presents all final statements of FABC communication meetings from 1996 to 2007, including the annual meetings of Asian communication bishops (Bishops' Meet), all six BISCOMs (Bishops' Institutes for Social Communication), and special gathering of experts (Roundtables) on Communication Research, Communication and Evangelization, and Social Communication in Religious Traditions of Asia.


This new approach, backed up by known Theologians is at the center of a respective course in the Pastoral Communication Program of the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, Manila where the publication serves as a textbook.

csca 2nd ed

Eilers,Franz-Josef, and Anh Vu Ta. Social Communication Formation in Seminaries and Schools of Theology: An Investigation CS Prints 2. Manila: Logos Publications, 2015. pp. 168. ISBN 978-971-510-261-2. This ‘Investigation’ on Pastoral Communication programs of seven Seminaries or Theological Schools in Metro Manila reflects the situation and challenges for priestly formation in this field. The results are consolidated with some 230 questionnaires from participating seminarians and interviews with their ‘formators’. They are also placed into the general teachings and requirements of the Church for priestly formation.


The study originates from the Pastoral Communication Program of the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas (UST), Manila. It should also be applicable to other places and countries in Asia.

csca 2nd ed

Eilers,Franz-Josef,(Ed.). Church and Social Communication in Asia - Documents, Analysis, Experiences 2nd Edition, FABC-OSC Books volume 1. Manila: Logos Publications, 2008. pp. 232. ISBN 978-971-510-209-4. The book presents all final statements of FABC communication meetings from 1996 to 2007, including the annual meetings of Asian communication bishops (Bishops' Meet), all six BISCOMs (Bishops' Institutes for Social Communication), and special gathering of experts (Roundtables) on Communication Research, Communication and Evangelization, and Social Communication in Religious Traditions of Asia.


The 230-page volume also gives some analyses on the communication dimension of the Asian Synod (1998) and the related document "Ecclesia in Asia."  The new edition also contains articles on Communication Theology, Communication Spirituality and reports on two special OSC initiatives on the academic level: the Asian Research Center for Religion and Social Communication based at St. John's University (Bangkok), and the Program on Pastoral/ Social Communication at the Graduate School and Theological Faculty of the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas (Manila).

Eilers, Franz-Josef, (Ed.). Social Communication Formation in Priestly Ministry, FABC-OSC Books volume 2. Manila: Logos Publications, 2002. pp. 160. ISBN 971-510-159-3. This book documents the inputs and final statement of the third “Bishops’ Institute for Social Communication” (BISCOM III Samphran, Thailand 2001), a first time gathering of seminary rectors, formators and Church-communication experts on a common theme. It is insightful, bringing together vast experiences of eight resource persons from Asia and US. The resolve is for clergy and religious to acquire skills, but more to be formed in the communicating disposition, attitude and person of Christ.

Anthony Roman, (Ed.). Social Communication Directory Asia – FABC Edition, FABC-OSC Books volume 3. Manila: Logos Publications, 2004. pp. 154. ISBN 971-510-179-8.

This volume is a compilation of basic information on the communication situation in FABC- member countries together with some useful addresses and contact information.


Franz-Josef Eilers, (Ed.). E-Generation, The Communication of Young People in Asia: Concern of the Church, FABC-OSC Books volume 4. Manila: Logos Publications, 2003. pp. 208. ISBN 971-510-173-9.

This book contains the main presentations and final statement of the Fourth Bishops Institute for Social Communication (BISCOM IV) on E- Generation: The Communication of Young People in Asia. It reflects not only the actual BISCOM presentations but also serves as documentation for everybody interested and concerned about the Church and young people in Asia.


RVA Book

Franz-Josef Eilers, (Ed.) Radio Veritas Asia: Development of a FABC Project, FABC-OSC Books volume 5. Logos Publications, Manila 2008 pp 223. ISBN 971-510-214-8


“This book is not a scientific study or complete documentation on Radio Veritas Asia-the only continental short wave radio station of the Catholic Church in the world. This presentation rather tries to paint a picture of this so-called “missionary of Asia” (John Paul II) using testimonies of persons who have been involved or are related with this initiative. It documents the remarks of Popes on the project, the broadcasting activities of the station, and the reactions of listeners to the programs.

This book tries to paint a realistic picture of this undertaking which over the years drew enthusiastic supporters and listeners, but also critical comments.Critical moments including some all-too-human experiences are not hidden. The development of this project shows in many ways that the power of the Spirit and the dynamics of missionary support are alive not only for the Church communities in Asia, but also for the dignity and uplifting of peoples in different cultures from different religions and communities all over Asia.”


Franz-Josef Eilers, (Ed.) Interreligious Dialoque as Communication ,FABC-OSC Books volume 6. Logos Publications, Manila 2005 pp 192. ISBN 971-510-187-9

The communication dimension of Interreligious Dialogue has never been especially addressed and studied. Because of this the FABC Office of Social Communication organized the fifth Bishops' Institute for Social Communication (BISCOM V) in Bali, Indonesia from November 22 to 27, 2005 under the theme, Interreligious Dialogue As Communication. The theme was approached in four steps: First, we had an overview about Interreligious Dialogue from the Vatican and FABC

perspective. This was followed in a second step by Interreligious Dialogue experiences from different Asian countries. Third, was a discussion of the use of modern means of communication for Interreligious Dialogue.

And the fourth was an attempt to understand social communication in different Asian religions.The understanding of social communication follows the approach of Vatican II's Inter Mirifica, where this expression is proposed since the concern of the Church goes beyond mass media, audiovisual means, media of diffusion or other similar expressions. This understanding pertains to the communication of and in human society which includes all means and ways of communicating between people. Such an understanding is essential also for Interreligious Dialogue which very often happens between individuals and persons or smaller groups of people in many different ways - verbal and non-verbal, in action and in silence, through drama and dance.

Social Communication in Religious Traditions in Asia

Franz-Josef Eilers, (Ed.) Social Communication in Religious Traditions in Asia volume 7. Logos Publications, Manila, 2006 pp 195. ISBN ISBN 978-971-510-194-3

This book contains the presentations of a Roundtable of invited scholars organized by the FABC-Office of Social Communication (FABC-OSC) October 3-7, 2005 at Assumption University Huamak campus in Bangkok, in cooperation with the Graduate School of Philisophy and Religion of Assumption University and the Asian Research Center for Religion and Social Communication (ARC) at St. John's University, Bangkok.

The concern of the roundtable with some 20 participants was a deeper understanding of Social Communication in Religious Traditions of Asia.

Social Communication defined as the communication of and in human society is part and parcel of every religion. The question was: How is this seen and practiced in the different religious traditions of Asia?


With the publication of this volume, we would like to make people, especially communication scholars and theologians, more aware of the communication dimenstion of religions in Asia. Communication is not just the use of technical means and instruments like the mass media. It is a dimension of human and spiritual life which should be essential for any religious thinking and practice. It is also because of this that we purposely maintained and use the Vatican II expression 'Social Communication' which refers to all communicative processes and practices in human society."


Welgampola, Hector. Asian Church Glossary & Stylebook, FABC-OSC Books volume 8. Manila: Logos Publications, 2008. pp. 150. ISBN 978-971-510-201-8. This book is a collection of words, expressions and style proposals for journalists or other people working in Communication in and for Asia. The book is the fruit of some 50 years of journalistic experience of Hector Welgampola, a long time editor of the catholic weekly "The Messenger" in Colombo (Sri Lanka) and later up to his retirement the Chief Editor of the "Union of Catholic News" (UCANews)  Hong Kong and Bangkok (Thailand).

Pastoral 3rd

Eilers, Franz-Josef, (Ed.). Communicating in Community, An Introduction to Social Communication. Fourth Updated Edition. Manila: Logos Publications, 2009. pp. 387. ISBN 978-971-510-223-0. This is the latest edition of the textbook especially written for seminary and religious communication formation. It is also published in India and has translations in Italian and Bahasa Indonesia. A Spanish translation is underway. New ideas are infused in a chapter “New media communication.” The history of communication is extended to the evolution of digitized media, satellites and Internet. Updated statistics on mass media penetration worldwide also add up to a comprehensive understanding of communication, and its influence on the Church’s essential mission.

The book’s strength lies in the theology of communication expounded, and in practical explanation of human communication theories and concepts.

Pastoral 3rd

Eilers, Franz-Josef, (Ed.). Communicating in Ministry and Mission, 3rd Edition. Manila: Logos Publications, 2009. pp. 283. ISBN 978-971-510-217-9. This book is a continuation and extension of "Communicating in Community, An Introduction to Social Communication, " which was published in a third and revised edition in 2002. The part on Church and Communication (Ch. 6) is here extended and further developed into pastoral and evangelizing dimension. After handling some common needs and conditions, the new book unfolds the basic needs and directions for communicating in pastoral ministry and evangelization… This is a first attempt to develop and present some essentials in the growing field of pastoral communication and evangelization.

Social Communication in Religious Traditions in Asia

Eilers, Franz-Josef (Ed.) Communicare Nel Ministero e Nella Missione. Editrice Elle Dici Leumann, Torino, Italia, 2007 pp 303. ISBN 978-88-01-03633-6F


Indonesian Ed.

Eilers, Franz-Josef, (Ed.).Berkomunikasi dalam Pelayanan dan Misi. Yogyakarta: Penerbit Kanisius, 2008. pp. 296. ISBN 978-979-21-2023-3.


Indonesian Edition of Communicating in Ministry and Mission, 2nd Edition.

Vietnamese Ed.

Eilers, Franz-Josef, (Ed.).Truyen Thong Trong Muc Vu Va Truyen Giao. : Manila, Logos Publication, 2004. pp. 351.


Vietnamese Edition of Communicating in Ministry and Mission, 2nd Edition.


Eilers, Franz-Josef, (Ed.). Church & Social Communication Basic Documents 1936-2014, 3rd Edition. Manila: Logos Publications, 2014. pp. 640. ISBN 971-510-257-5. Over the years this collection of Church documents on Social Communication has been appreciated by many since the first publication in 1993, followed by a second edition in 1997... The many documents in this collection seem to indicate a special concern for the Church in this field but also seem to document some lack in the execution of the many proposals including those of Vatican II....A vital reference work, giving ready access to official Roman Catholic thought on communication. These documents and declarations have never been gathered together in this way before, and it is valuable to have them so easily available. – World Association for Christian Communication (WACC)

Eilers, Franz-Josef, (Ed.). Church & Social Communication, Supplement 1. Basic Documents, 1998-2002. Manila: Logos Publications, 2002. pp. 96. ISBN 971-510-158-5. This book contains documents on communication of the Holy Father and the Pontifical Council for Social Communication from 1998-2002, each introduced and outlined by the editor for easy reference. Sections related to communication in other important documents like the Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in Asia (1998) are also included. The booklet complements the former collection under the same title, which was published in 1997.

Communicating Church

Eilers, Franz-Josef, (Ed.). Communicating Church: Social Communication Documents, An Introduction. Manila: Logos Publications, 2011. pp. 221. ISBN 978-971-510-239-1. "This publication is a first attempt to collect data and documents on Social Communication in the history of the Church beginning with the Bible as the first book on and of Communication. The collection is based on the understanding of Communication as 1. Communication Theology and 2. Social Communication which are essential par of a Masters' and Licenciate Program on Pastoral Communication at the 400 years old Pontifical University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines....

... This book is more a listing and outline of data and considerations on communication in Church history rather than a detailed presentation of historical facts. It includes, however, additional texts which are beyond the presentation of basic documents on Social Communication already presented in an earlier book on 'Church and Social Communication. Basic Documents' (2nd Edition 1997 and Supplement I 2002; Logos, Manila). The present book contains additional documents which should stimulate further academic studies and considerations in this field."

Communicating Between Cultures

Eilers, Franz-Josef, (Ed.). Communicating Between Cultures, An Introduction to Intercultural Communication, 4th Updated Edition. Manila: Logos Publications, 2012. pp. 220. ISBN 978-971-510-244-5.


Over the years, this book has proven its value. Not only was it published in India and Indonesia. It has also been widely used as standard reference and textbook in different schools,seminaries and universities...


Despite the mushrooming of books on Intercultural Communicationand its related fields, this book is uniquely

different by exploring the subject from a Christian and theological perspective...In the time of social media and social networks, this new edition should help to better prepare pastors, educators, professionals and students alike for communication in the global marketplace. Theoritical discussions as well as practical examples should help people to share and indeed, commune, with anyone from all over the world in manner that respects and appreciate cultures...


The special challenges of Intercultural Communication to Christian witness and Christianity in general, with the growth of intercultural communicaties in both online and offline worlds, are brought to fore and supported in the considerations of this book.

Eilers, Franz-Josef, (Ed.). Priestly Spirituality, Treasures and Experiences. Manila: Logos Publications, 1999. pp. 190. ISBN 971-510-126-7. Fr. Eilers, with his many years of ministering to priests and seminarians, knows the realities and struggles of the priestly vocation. As editor of "Priestly Spirituality" he has done something to help us get in touch with the Papal teachings/documents that address the different aspects of our vocation. His approach to the documents has made them attractive and relevant to our priestly situation today. The Commission on Clergy of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) endorses and recommends this book to all our Clergy for spiritual reading and inspiration. – Msgr. Chito Bernardo, Executive Secretary – CBCP Commission on Clergy

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