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Dias, Mario Saturnino (Ed.). Telling the Story of Jesus in Asia: A Celebration of Faith and Life. Asian Trading Corporations. Bangalore, 2007 pp 504. ISBN 817086400-3.


This 504-page volume contains a documentation of the Asian Mission Congress 2006 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. After the messages to the congress, the theme and related information are presented like the theme song, prayer, and others. The theme of the different days constitute the following section of the assembly. These are presentations on "Telling the Story of Jesus in Asia" for the peoples of Asia (October 19), the religions (October 20), cultures (October 21), and life of the Church

(October 22). Information on the workshops follows, the Liturgy and para-liturgical services. The book further documents the exhibitions and also some comments of participants. A special section shows the Congress in pictures (pp. 441-472) together with a compact disc attached to the book. The volume is edited by the outgoing executive secretary of the FABC Office of Evangelization, Fr. Saturnino Dias. Publisher is Asian Trading Corporation, Bangalore.



Telling the Story

Dias, Mario Saturnino (Ed.) Telling the Story of Jesus in Asia: A Celebration of Faith and Life. Asian Trading Corp, 2007. pp. 504. ISBN 817086400-3


This book contains the proceedings and experiences of the Asian Mission Congress, published by Asian Trading Publishing in Bangalore, India. The 504 page book comes with a DVD on the congress which took place in Chiang Mai, Thailand last October 18-22, 2006.



Dias, Mario Saturnino (Ed.). Rooting Faith in Asia. Source Book for Inculturation. Claretian Publications, Bangalore/Manila 2005 pp 435. ISBN 81-87804-84-X.

The book is to generate enthusiasm by offering resource material for animators or active evangelizers. It has four sections. The first section shares 70 experiences from various part of Asia as an incentive for reflection and creativity. The second section deals with issues that arise from a reflection upon these experiences. The third section is inter-diciplinary, and provides a solid theological basis for the rooting of the local Churches and their respective Asian context. The fourth section outlines areas, orientations and pastoral responses based on official Church documents


Dias, Mario Saturnino (Ed.). Indigenous Peoples in Asia and Challenges of the Future. Bangalore: Claretian Publications, 2004. pp. 196. ISBN 81-87804-54-8.

The FABC-OE had planned this Consultation on "Indigenous/Tribal Peoples in Asia and Challenges of the Future" as a follow-up of the Conference organized by the same office in 1995. It came at this juncture also in response to the call given by the Post Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in Asia to foster inculturation and to defend the indigenous cultures as part of the evangelizing mission of the Church. This book documents the proceedings of the consultation and concludes with a message and recommendations which aim to deepen the understanding of the dynamics of the challenges facing Asia's Indigenous Peoples today. - Mario Saturnino Dias

Karotemprel, Sebastian (Ed.) Heralds of the Gospel in Asia, A Study of the History and Contribution of Missionary Societies to the Local Churches of Asia. 1998. Shillong:

FABC-Office of Evangelization, 1998. pp. 193. ISBN 81-85408-20. Today, the young Churches of Asia have become "Mission sending Churches." Several societies of Apostolic Life or Missionary Institutes have been born in Asian countries in the recent past. The FABC-Office of Evangelization organized an Asian Conference on Missionary Societies in Asia in Pattaya, Thailand April 1997. This volume contains the papers presented during the conference and the final statement.


Dias, Mario Saturnino (Ed.). Evangelization and Social Communication. Mumbai: St. Pauls, 2000. pp. 196. ISBN 81-7109-453-8.

What does it mean to be a Christian in a country of diverse faiths and cultures, and Christianity is a minority religion? How does a Christian live and proclaim the Good News in a social set up that is both indifferent to and suspicious of the very meaning and essence of the Christian Faith? This book documents the inputs and recommendations of a Consultation on "Evangelization and Social Communication." This anthology of articles, broadly based on the challenges of evangelization vis-à-vis communication, attempts to address various aspects of such questions that arise on the Asian scene.


Published by: St. Pauls

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Dias, Mario Saturnino (Ed.). Evangelization and Inculturation. Mumbai: Pauline Publications, 2001. pp. 256. ISBN 81-71716-431-2.

This book is the result of the consultation on "Evangelization and Inculturation" held at NBCLC, Bangalore, India in March 2000. The concept of inculturation includes, beside theological and anthropological aspects, every aspect of the Church’s life and mission. The process of inculturation assumes what is good in culture and animates, renovates, or purifies the culture of a society. Further, it discerns how the struggle of the Poor and Marginalized in the society becomes part of that culture and calls for a prophetic action to create alternate models. It extends

furthermore to Art, to Eco-Aesthetics, and to Local Learning and Healing Techniques as well as to the rich resources of the "Little Traditions" empowering them with a new sense of value. This book addresses these various aspects of the challenge of cultures to the Church in Asia in her mission of Evangelization.



Published by: Pauline Publications

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