Virginia Saldanha,(Ed.). Discipleship of Asian Women at the Service of Life. Volume II. Bangalore, Claretian Publications: FABC-OLF-Women Desk, 2011. This second volume, is a compilation of papers and reports presented at the Bishops’ Institute IV on Women which was a meeting of bishops and women held in May 2008. It also contains a selection of papers from the various Asian regional meetings on women over the past decade. Both Volume I and II provide an excellent resource for both scholars and writers. (Bishop John Lee).


The book is available from the FABC-OLF. Pls contact Wendy M Louis


Fr. Renato de Guzman (SDB), Sr. Debbie Ponsaran (FMA), and Jessica Joy V. Candelario, (Eds.). Asian Youth and the Eucharist in Asia: A Regional Survey 2008. Rizal, Philippines: FABC-OLF-Youth Desk, 2009. pp. 99. ISBN 978-971-94360-1-0. The Book presents the result of a survey conducted how the youth in Asia perceives the Eucharist. It exposes some theological-pastoral conclusions, recommendations and challenges derived from the survey findings.


The book is available from the FABC-OLF Youth Desk, Maryhill compound, Ortigas Avenue Ext., Taytay Rizal, Philippines


Candelari, Jessica Joy V.,(Ed.). Youth Ministry in Asia: Reliving the Emmaus Story. Rizal, Philippines: FABC-OLF-Youth Desk, 2008. pp. 223. ISBN 978-971-94360-0-3. The book is a compilation of the proceedings and papers of the 2nd Bishops' Institute for Lay Apostolate (BILA) on Youth. It is a valuable resource for youth minister in Asia who wish to passionately journey with the young in the footsteps of Jesus. With resource papers that provide insights on ministry to the young, reports from youth commissions and stories from young people themselves, the story of Emmaus becomes a lived reality and an example to all.


The book is available from the FABC-OLF Youth Desk, Maryhill compound, Ortigas Avenue Ext., Taytay Rizal, Philippines


The book was released on 20th April, 2007 by Cardinal Toppo after the Closing Eucharist of South Asia Meeting on Women II in New Delhi. The name of the Book is "Discipleship of Asian Women at the service of Life". Published by Claretian publications Bangalore.

FABC-Office of Laity, AsIPA Desk (Ed.). A New Way of being Church in the New Millennium. Taipei: FABC-OL, AsIPA Desk, 2001. pp. 148. This resource manual documents the inputs and final statement of the second AsIPA (Asian Integrated Pastoral Approach) general assembly held at Baan Phu Waan Pastoral Center, Samphran (Thailand) October 12-21, 2000. "This manual is part of an on-going process to discover the ‘New Way of Being Church’ articulated with greater emphasis during the 5th FABC Plenary Assembly in 1990. It responds to a dream of the Asian Bishops to discover how the Church in Asia can face the many challenges to its evangelizing presence in a continent with rich and varied cultures, realities and changes." (From Introduction)

FABC-Office of Laity, AsIPA Desk (Ed.). AsIPA Texts. Taipei: FABC-OL, AsIPA Desk, 1995. The FABC declared in its Fifth Plenary Session in Bandung (1990): The Church of 1990s has to be a "participatory church," a "communion of communities," a Church that "witnesses to the Risen Lord." How do we promote this "new way of being Church"? A consultation in 1993 developed a pastoral process for promoting a "participatory church" termed AsIPA: Asian Integral Pastoral Approach. "AsIPA Texts" is a four part resource manual which includes the rationale and procedures for Gospel sharing, nurturing small Christian communities, participation in a participatory Church, and pastoral planning. A section entitled “Library Topics” includes readings on parenting, family life, socio-economic issues, and interreligious dialogue.

FABC-Office of Laity, AsIPA Desk (Ed.). The Laity Becoming A Moving Force for the Church in Asia. Taipei: FABC-OL, AsIPA Desk, 2001. This book is a collection of past issues of FABC-OL’s "Laity," the bi-monthly newsletter chronicling OL-sponsored events as well as reports on the lay apostolate in Asia. The FABC-OL has a Women’s Desk, a Youth desk, and AsIPA Desk.

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