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Cajilig, Vicente (Ed.). Dialogue between Faith and Culture, Towards Integral Human and Social Development. Manila: FABC-Office of Education and Student Chaplaincy, 1998. pp. 265. "There is a need to understand how faith bears on Asian cultures as a means of preserving and fostering values indigenous to Asian peoples in the face of globalization of cultures." This book documents the discussions, presentations and final statement of the FABC-OESC organized "Colloquium on Dialogue between Faith in Culture in Asia: Towards Integral Human and Social Development." The meeting among over 100 participants was held at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila (Philippines) January 10-14, 1996.

Cajilig, Vicente (Ed.). Catechesis for Asia, Toward the Year 2000 and Beyond. Manila: FABC-Office of Education and Student Chaplaincy, 1996. pp. 283. "A call to renewed catechesis in Asia" prompted the FABC-OESC to organize the first Pan Asian Conference on Catechesis at the Singapore Pastoral Institute October 19-23, 1995. This volume documents the national reports and various talks on societal realities affecting the catechetical ministry in Asia, on Scriptures, youth and adult catechesis. It includes the output of the meeting, which is a set of guidelines in the production of a national catechetical directory, a two-page review of the Asian realities and a challenge to catechetical workers, and lastly, a plan of action for a renewed catechesis in Asia.

Cajilig, Vicente (Ed.). Clergy of Asia: Lights and Shadows. Manila: FABC-Office of Education and Student Chaplaincy, 1997. pp. 225. The FABC-OESC organized a three-day conference November 30 - December 2, 1993 in Manila to plan for the continuing education/formation of clergy after ordination. The meeting brought some 30 Bishops, priest- and religious formators to discuss the changing societal landscape and resulting problems/challenges on the priest and on priestly ministry. This volume documents the proceedings, presentations and recommendations of the conference.

Cajilig, Vicente (Ed.). Clergy of Asia: More Lights and Shadows. Manila: FABC-Office of Education and Student Chaplaincy, 2001. pp. 169. The continuing education of the clergy had a follow-up for priests in mid-life level April 10-May 10, 1996 in Manila with some 30 participants. This volume includes speeches at the conference as well as inputs on psycho-spiritual processing and enhancing spiritual direction skills.

Family Catechesis

Cajilig, Vicente (Ed.). Family Catechesis: Contextual Challenges. Manila: FABC-Office of Education and Student Chaplaincy, 2007. pp. 158. The "Challenges from Asian Realities" for Family Catechesis were the focus of a consultation organized in 2006 at Assumption University in Bangkok by the FABC-Office of Education and Student Chaplaincy (Office of Education and Faith Formation). This publication presents, beside the Final Statement and Recommendations, national reports from eight different Asian countries as well as "key note resources" and viewpoints from different participants as well as workshop considerations.

Published by: FABC-Office of Education and Faith Formation

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